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This blog is on the move … Check out for regular updates from the world of economics

On a bit of well-reasoned whim, we have moved our economics blogging over to a separate site, Today, we’re celebrating the first week birthday of, and it’s really come along in that first week. We have new posts almost daily, covering some of the aspects of economics that are more interesting than, say, inflation […]

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The crazy mixed up world of “free” electricity where the homeless get arrested and Tesla owners get subsidies

In Portland, OR, Street Roots reports that a homeless former social worker with muscular dystrophy was hit with a misdemeanor theft charge for charging her phone from a plug on a planter-base on a sidewalk. She then spent a day in jail when she missed her arraignment. The electricity she used to charge her phone […]

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Lessons learned from Oregon’s state and local technology failures

Cover Oregon’s fizzled launch has been a high profile disaster for the state. After spending $160 million, Oregon’s health insurance exchange had exactly zero people sign up for private insurance in the first two months. Now Cover Oregon claims to have enrolled 7,300 people. However, the fine print from the Cover Oregon press release reveals […]

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