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eric_f_1_framedDr. Eric Fruits is president and chief economist at Economics International Corp. and an adjunct professor of economics at Portland State University. He has produced numerous research studies involving economic analysis, financial modeling, and statistical analysis. As an expert witness, he has provided expert testimony in state court, federal court, and an international court.

He has written peer-reviewed articles on initial public offerings (IPOs), the municipal bond market, and the formation and operation of cartels. His economic analysis has been widely cited and has been published inThe Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

Economic damages

As an economic damages expert, Dr. Fruits has provided expert testimony regarding business valuation, lost profits, and foregone income. He has been a testifying expert in cases involving real estate valuation, health care services, and transportation and shipping services. He has provided expert testimony to state courts and federal courts.


As a finance expert, Dr. Fruits has been a testifying expert and provided expert consulting services in cases alleging insider trading.  He is a securities expert who has conducted numerous research studies on financial issues, including initial public offerings and municipal bonds.


As a statistical expert, Dr. Fruits has provided expert testimony regarding real estate transactions, profit projections, agricultural commodities, and war crimes allegations.  His expert testimony has been submitted to state courts, federal courts, and an international court.


Dr. Fruits is a Daubert expert who has testified in federal court on the methods and procedures of science and described the Daubert standard to an international tribunal.

Antitrust and competition

Dr. Fruits is an antitrust expert who has written articles on price fixing and cartels for the top-tier Journal of Law and Economics.  He has assisted in the review of several mergers including Exxon-Mobil, BP-Arco, and Nestle-Ralston.  He has worked on many antitrust lawsuits, including Weyerhaeuser v. Ross-Simmons, a predatory bidding case that was ultimately decided by the United States Supreme Court.