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eric_fruits_colorDr. Eric Fruits has given hundreds of presentations, over a wide range of topics in economics, finance, and business, and public policy.

With almost 20 years of experience as a professional and academic economist, Dr. Fruits brings this experience together to provide a unique perspective brings common sense to a complex world.

  • How will climate change regulations affect your business?
  • Who cares that your company is merging with a competitor?
  • Can being a world-class poker player get you out of insider trading charges?
  • Can being a world-famous first basemen get you into trouble for deceptive advertising? Can it get you out of trouble?

Dr. Fruits has given presentations to groups as small as five and as large a thousand. He has been on a cross-country speaking tour to discuss the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on businesses and families.

Here is a presentation Dr. Fruits gave in 2015 on the economics of a recently enacted low carbon fuel standard for transportation fuels sold in the State of Oregon.