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New study concludes: There are few things as expensive as free federal money

Please download and read the new study: Impact of Federal Transfers on State and Local Own Source Spending. “Free is a very good price” announced the 1980s pitchman for a local appliance store known for it’s buy-one-get-one offers. But, like most things in life, the BOGO offers had some hitches (Like you had to spend $399[!] […]

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How well do CEOs forecast the economy?

Results from the Business Roundtable’s first quarter 2014 CEO Economic Outlook Survey show a moderate uptick in CEO expectations for hiring, sales and capital expenditures and some improvement in the Business Roundtable CEO Economic Outlook Index. The first graph in the press release shows the CEO Economic Outlook Index and changes to US GDP plotted as a […]

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Report: Alleged market manipulation and securities fraud

Evaluated allegations of market manipulation associated with the issuance of press releases and buying activities by third parties. Performed statistical analysis to evaluate whether Plaintiffs’ actions were material to a reasonable investor. Confidential, United States District Court for the District of Idaho Southern Division. Report.

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Testimony: Real estate valuation and damage from delay

Evaluated Plaintiffs’ claims of damages. Plaintiffs alleged that county planning commission decision deprived Plaintiffs of all economically viable uses for their property for approximately four years. Dr. Fruits performed a statistical analysis of the reasonable rate of return on the value of real estate during that period of time through the date of trial. The […]

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Testimony: Valuation of medical practice

Evaluated Plaintiffs’ claims of foregone income. Plaintiffs alleged that Defendants violated their fiduciary duty by seeking seeking exclusive referrals from a cardiology group to the detriment of the corporation. Dr. Fruits performed a statistical analysis of the relationship between referrals and Plaintiffs’ revenues. He also analyzed impacts of changes in compensation formula on principals’ income. […]

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