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Category: Competition and antitrust

Red and Black Cafe closes: Lessons in capitalism from a socialist coffee shop

Portland’s Red and Black Cafe recently announced its closing via Facebook with a sad kitten photo. Red and Black sounds like a coffee shop straight out of a Portlandia episode or an article in The Onion. It’s an all-organic, wheat-free, vegetarian coffee and food shop. It’s run as a collective, it’s employees are represented by the IWW union, […]

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Antitrust: Concert promotion services and radio adverting and promotion

Antitrust dispute alleging monopolization and attempted monopolization of concert promotion business via ownership of commercial radio station. Evaluated relevant product and geographic markets; whether a monopoly exists in the relevant markets; and whether Defendants monopolized or attempted to monopolize the relevant markets. Evaluated Plaintiff’s claim of lost profit damages. LMG Concerts, LLC v. Salem Communications […]

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Report: Alleged market manipulation and securities fraud

Evaluated allegations of market manipulation associated with the issuance of press releases and buying activities by third parties. Performed statistical analysis to evaluate whether Plaintiffs’ actions were material to a reasonable investor. Confidential, United States District Court for the District of Idaho Southern Division. Report.

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