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Many business need economic research and analysis. But they don’t want to hire a full-time economist and don’t want the hassles of contracting on a case-by-case basis.

That’s why Economics International Corp. offers Economics On Demand.

For a monthly fee, Dr. Fruits will be on-call to answer your questions, dig up research, crunch numbers, run workshops, or give speeches. Discount for up-front annual payment. It’s designed to be flexible, so you can pick a plan that’s right for your business.

Economics On Demand gives you economic research and analysis when you need it.

Custom research: Tell us what information you want. If it’s available, we’ll get it. And we don’t limit ourselves to economic data. Questions we’ve answered in the past:

  • What is the average income for a household with someone earning minimum wage?
  • Where and when did NATO bombs drop during the war in the former Yugoslavia?
  • Who is behind the pump-and-dump scheme affecting a small company’s stock price?
  • Do federal grants to states increase or decrease state taxes?

News tracking: It’s more that just setting a news alert. We will track academic and think tank research that could help or hurt your business, including

  • Industry developments
  • Competitor developments
  • Legal developments
  • Political developments

Due diligence: Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes to look at your data. Or, you need a fresh perspective from outside your industry. We will be on-call to address your needs when you need us.

Confidentiality: Your business is your business. We won’t discuss our work with you to anybody else, unless you want us to.

On-demand is on-call: Your call is important to us. When you call we will respond immediately, or within an hour or two. Even on weekends.

Economics On Demand is flexible: There is a plan to suit any business, big or small.